THE KING’S FACE a new play
by Steven Young

A two person, single set, full length historical play based on the injury threatening the life of Prince Hal, the future King Henry V.

PRINCE HARRY OF MONMOUTH – The future King Henry V (Age 18 – 25)
JOHN BRADMORE – A London surgeon (Age 45-65)

The King’s Face is a single set, ninety minute play that can be done with or without an intermission.

SYNOPSIS: At the battle of Shrewsbury, King Henry IV’s crown is at last secured, only to have his son, Prince Harry of Monmouth, struck down with an arrow to the face. The Prince is given up for dead. As a last resort, surgeon John Bradmore is summoned to examine the young royal. Over the course of several days, the pair develop a father and son relationship, while examining questions of terrorism, war, religion, patriotism and what it means to lead a nation. The play culminates in Bradmore saving the Prince, and revealing the true temperament of the future King Henry V.

SETTING & COSTUMES: The play is set in a chamber in Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire. The date is 1403, but the setting, costumes and props can be timeless reflecting the middle ages or modern day. The key is simplicity and consistency.

EXPERTISE: Dr Piers Mitchell of Cambridge University, author of Medicine in the Crusades: Warfare Wounds and the Medieval Surgeon lent his expertise in medieval medicine.

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STAMFORD: Voodoo Lounge
Wed 18 May - 19:30 preview Stamford.
Thur 19 May - 19:30 preview Stamford.

BRIGHTON: Iambic Theatre

Sun 22 May, Curtain up 3.00pm, opening in Brighton
Monday 23 May, Curtain up 3.00pm
Tuesday 24 May, Curtain up 8.00pm
Wednesday 25 May, Curtain up 8.00pm
Thursday 26 May, Curtain up 8.00pm
Friday 27 May, Curtain up 8.00pm
Saturday 28 May, Curtain up 3.00pm
Sunday 29 May, Curtain up 3.00pm – close in Brighton

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Produced by Giant Olive at the Lion & Unicorn

Tuesday 31st May – 7.30pm
Wednesday 1st June – 7.30pm

Press Night:
Thursday 2nd June – 7.30pm

Performance Run:
Saturday 4th June – 3.30pm
Sunday 5th June – 3.30pm
Tuesday 7th June – 7.30pm
Wednesday 8th June – 7.30pm
Thursday 9th June – 7.30pm
Saturday 11th June – 7.30pm
Sunday 12th June – 7.30pm
Saturday 18th June – 3.30pm
Sunday 19th June – 7.30pm
Tuesday 21st June – 7.30pm
Wednesday 22nd June – 7.30pm
Saturday 25th June – 7.30pm
Sunday 26th June – 3.30pm
Thursday 30th June – 7.30pm
Friday 1st July – 7.30pm
Saturday 2nd July – 3.30pm
Sunday 3rd July – 7.30pm

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