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The King’s Face to Premier at Brighton Fringe Festival

The King’s Face the true story of 7 days at Kenilworth castle that changed history, will premier at this year’s Brighton Fringe Festival, opening on Sunday 22 May at the Iambic Arts Centre. This is not Shakespeare’s King Henry V and is a must for those who think they know England’s most famous king.

The two-man play begins following the Battle of Shrewsbury where Prince Harry of Monmouth, having won the day for his father, King Henry IV, is struck in the face with an armour-piercing arrow.

After dozens of failed attempts to remove the arrowhead, his father becomes resigned to leave the prince to his fate – into the picture steps London surgeon John Bradmore. Bradmore quickly becomes a surrogate father figure to the prince. As the intense relationship develops between the older and younger man we learn what it means to be king, how to lead a nation, and what arouses a woman.

Speaking about the script’s development, playwright Steven Young said, “I love Shakespeare’s tale of Henry V, but I knew he wrote for his audience – he embellished Henry’s image as an English patriot. He was a great king but, as history shows, quite a different man.”

“While writing, I came across Bradmore’s account of the injury and the modern research it inspired, suggesting the injury changed Henry’s personality. I was fascinated to bring this little known historical account to life for a modern audience.”

The King’s Face opens on Sunday 22 May at 3pm with daily performances through Sunday 29 May at the Iambic Arts Centre in the Regent Street, Brighton more details can be found on the website www.the-kings-face.com


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