Steven Young: A Failure On Two Continents

Steven Young is an America big in stature, but very amiable on stage. He's related to the Younger brothers (as in the Jesse James gang) and, in America, he's worked in theatre with a relation of John Wilkes Booth.

Not that he mentions that in this show, which is only half an hour. Very sensibly, he's doing this short midday show for a few days at the Free Fringe as a dry run for a full 60-minute Fringe show next year. It will be worth waiting for.

The title of this show is never referred to and is completely inappropriate. Young is an accomplished, successful, almost effortless stand-up in the traditional but none-the-worse-for-that mode.

He comes from the South - New Orleans way - from Southern Baptist stock and had boxed on two occasions, all of which he works smoothly into his show. His good observations on the UK are skilfully inserted, too, such as why does 'bollocks' mean bad but 'the dog's bollocks' mean good?

There is no unique selling proposition with Young. Just good, solid, confident, funny stand-up. See him while there are still free seats.

John Fleming