Steven Young one man show
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007

"Battling Katrina and Other Nasty Water Nymphs"

Free Fringe, Laughing Horse @ Berlin, Berlin Bar Club, 3 South Queensferry Street Lane, Room 1, Fringe Venue # 158. 4-25 August.
All shows start 8.00 p.m. Telephone: 0131 467 7215


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“From the floodwaters of New Orleans to the backwaters of the Fens, this is one Yank’s story of survival.”

Battling Katrina and
Other Nasty Water Nymphs

Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler

Fresh off the boat from Louisiana, Steven Young, a recent UK transplant, tells the very personal tragi-comic tale of the Katrina disaster. From the vibrant pre-hurricane New Orleans and the fascination of the “bead culture,” through the disaster and aftermath, audiences laugh and gasp at Young’s tales of Katrina’s effects on the Crescent City and the psyche of the United States.

Interwoven with his personal observations of life in modern-day England, Young, who can trace his British heritage back to the reformation, comments on life as an American in Lincolnshire. Trained as a classical Shakespearian actor with a strong gift for the written word, Young’s theatrical delivery reaches out to grab audiences moving them to laughter and tears.

Young’s show is part of the Free Fringe, where the ratio of coin to paper in the donation bucket at the end of the show is the true measure of comic genius. Not one to leave his fate to chance, in the act’s grand finale Young calls on his ancestors – a long line of Holy Roller Baptist preachers – for divine intervention. Patrons of Battling Katrina and Other Nasty Water Nymphs parting with folding money will find themselves initiated into the bead culture with genuine New Orleans Mardi Gras medallion, labeling the wear forever as a Friend of Steve. “God doesn’t want your repentance. He wants a fiver.”

“This man is a comic genius. If this man was on TV I would stay at home and switch on the normally disappointing box.”

“…the funniest production I have ever seen…”
Chicago Arts and Entertainment, Greg Butler

“Critic's Pick! Searing, poignant, acerbic, surreal, and thought-provoking theater.”
Windy City Times (Chicago), Rick Reed

Photo and further information available upon request.

Laughing Horse at the Berlin - Berlin Bar Club
Room 1, Fringe Venue # 158
3 South Queensferry Street Lane,
4-25 August.
All shows start 8.00 p.m. Free Fringe

PRESS CONTACT: Steven Young 07725346569 or Lepest50@yahoo.com
WEB SITE: www.le-pest.com