ARTISTIC PHILOSOPHY: The following quote is from the Hartford Courant which was written by Frank Rizzo in reaction to Richard Zoglin’s article in Time magazine about the five best regional theaters in the nation:

“To me, a great theater engages an audience in a way that lingers well past the time theatergoers make it to the parking lot after a show. A great theater does the classics, but it also understands it is not a museum and must present them in a way that is vital, elegant or challenging. A great theater presents works of new voices, not just in a marginal way. A great theater knows how to attract a great audience, one that will stick by it as it attempts the extraordinary. A great theater is as hungry for the new, young audience member as it is interested in retaining loyal supporters. A great theater reflects the world around it, and that begins with its community.

A great theater also knows the difference between art and pretension, knows that you don't have to pander to be accessible, and knows the distinction between a small show and a cheap one. (So does a great audience.) It's tricky maneuvering here, and the best of theaters do their thing with consistency and grace matched by stable management and generous supporters.”

NEW AMERICAN THEATRE (July-December 2003, Interim Artistic Director, Rockford, IL)

New American Theatre (NAT) operated under an Actors Equity Association Small Professional Theater Contract. The theatre’s average annual budget exceeds 1.7 million dollars. NAT produces a seven-show season and two additional children’s theatre touring productions. NAT carries twenty five full time employees and hires numerous actors, designers, and artists through out the year.

THE BOXER REBELLION ENSEMBLE (1999-2002, Artistic Director, Chicago, IL)

Prior to my tenure with The Boxer Rebellion Ensemble, (BRE) was in a great deal of artistic and personnel turmoil, suffering the indignity of a major newspaper, THE READER, voting a production ‘one of the ten worst in Chicago’. In less than three years the company received six Joseph Jefferson nominations and won one citation.

Over the course of the next year, the ensemble re-defined its mission statement and came together as an organization. In 2000 BRE was selected as one of seven companies to be mentored by the Chicago Arts and Business Council and received a tribute for ‘Outstanding Work in the 2000-2001 Season’ awarded by the Chicago Saints Organization. The work culminated in the fall of 2001 & 2002 when Chris Jones of The Chicago Tribune, singled out fifteen theatres, out of literally thousands, calling BRE one of City’s hottest companies.

THE PEOPLE'S THEATRE (1990-1993 Artistic Director, Pekin, IL)

The People’s Theatre (TPT) was developed by myself and functioned as a year round entity producing three new touring shows per season to play in conjunction with past repertoire. Primarily a touring company, TPT mounted five seasons of outdoor Shakespearian productions, toured school venues with a project called Youth Intervention Theatre, and mounted an annual Holiday Season show.

TPT was staffed with seven full time employees and hired as many as thirty artisans in a season, working with an annual budget of thee hundred thousand.

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